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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  February 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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all in all, we're not seeing a system probably until monday. we do have temperatures above freezing. we will feel that breeze. mostly cloudy this morning. 30's. not to bed. bloat 40's before it is all said and done. -- not too bad. our word of the day is coming up. you'll want to pay attention. >> newschopper 7 is just going up and i'm trying to say as to what they are looking at. not much. they just left the airport. they were looking at were looking210. other side of town of looks like this. southbound on 270 here at shady grove road. traffic on 95 and 66 has the normal from -- the normal file. metro rail is on time.
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some prince willem county students need to find their own way to get to school. >> some bus routes are blocked by snow and ice. pamela brown has more on what some kids were left in the cold. >> a lot of kids hoping to get to school will have to go through the mounds of snow. it is covering the sidewalk. they will have to go through all this to get to the alternate bus stops. some of these alternate bus stops are at the end of subdivisions because some neighborhood roads are too slippery for the buses. a lot of parents did not get a memo yesterday. prince win county schools are hoping to avoid a repeat after many kids were left waiting for buses that never came up while their parents were already at work. >> there were about 15 kids out
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there. they were waiting on a bus. i already have my car fault. i stopped and told them that there wasn't a bus coming. -- i already have my c f ull. they tried to get the wordut to around 150,000 parents. >> there will be some problem areas. we're asking folks to work with us. >> the county is still operating under limited bus service because there is too much snow and ice coating the roadways. >> we have about 6 inches deep. >> some parents were having to navigate the slick roads themselves. some are creating their own shuttle service, taking turns dropping off and picking up each other's children. >> we were nervous about buses trying to get through our
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neighborhood. >> for their parents taking their kids to school, they're asking to accompany the kids to the alternate bus stops. there are dangerous sidewalks. the buses could be delayed because of the road conditions and narrowed rose. for a complete list of the bus stops, you can log on to our web site, pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank y. the snow may be gone but what is left behind may be even worse for your commute. we're talking about hundreds of potholes. the situation is especially bad in montgomery county. they can cost flat tires or suspension problems. they will not start patching the potholes until all the snow removal is complete. metro will start charging more for rides at the end of
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this month. the transit board is looking to raise their rates once again. stephen tschida will break down the numbers for us. good morning. >> the metro board will be gathering in just a few hours to take up something which will not go over too well with a lot metro passengers. metro has passengers worried. a string of accidents left passengers and workers dead. disruptions in service for a lot of people who rely on service. >> the trains are crowded. sometimes i cannot get a train. >> metro is considering another fare hike. there was an emergency 10-cent increase. >> unless they intend to increase the service, i would not speak in favor of it. they want to increase the base fare to $1.55.
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during rush hour, it would jump to $1.90. the current metrobus proposal would increase to $1.50. >> every day it edged up. >> if the increase is approved, it would take a place next july. -- every day it adds up. >> stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> thank you. bob monnell is proposing deep cuts in 8 $2 billion bid to balance the budget. there is a $731 million cut k- 12 funding. 500 state employees and five furlough days annually. there will be three under $45 million in health cuts.
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a fugitive has been found in houston. he was reported to of around on a fishing trip back in may before it was supposed to be since on a probation violation. he was convicted of stealing more than $1 million. this case was profiled on " america's most wanted." several council members say they will move to censure marion barry pythias not able to clear himself of corruption charges next week. he has until tuesday to respond to a report that accuses him of benefiting from a city contract he secured for a former girlfriend. toyota says it will make things right in an open letter published this morning in newspapers. this comes as the transportation department plans to open a formal investigation into the
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corolla model after reporting power steering problems. toyota is considering recalling. 8.5 million toyota's have already been recalled. 37 degrees. >> a group of americans detained in haiti finally fly home. >> i am julie parker. i'm at the popular italian star. they say is new york style pizza but we will be the judge. >> we are coming back with the latest traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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coming up on 6:10. welcome back. adam caskey live in bethesda. the snow banks are so big you commit a comfortable chair out of them. we put a big dent in the snowbanks as head ouds overnight and acted as a blanket. that kept our temperatures above freezing per it is not that freezing outside. we're at 35 degrees. the wind and dust kicked up to 50 mes per hour. -- the wind does pickup to the 15 miles per hour. temperatures will be back in the mid 20's this time tomorrow.
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woodbridge, 33. winchestert 32. 34 in the district. here is the forecast. we are starting out with a fair amount of cloud cover. it's still breezy. we cannot rule out a passing flurries. a mix of sun and clouds this weekend. rain and snow on monday into tuesday. >> still chipping away at the snow out there. you'll find it a little bit of it better commute out there. this is live from newschopper 7. all those headlights are 95 heading out of dale city to get into springfield. volume only. mainline on the left side. hov lanes in the center and is seen to be moving nicely. we will take you over to 270 southbound.
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everything is open and we're good on the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road, our final camera. that looks good. alison and doug. >> thank you. the massive snowfall has damaged some of the cherry trees, along the tidal basin. this is the worst damage in nearly nine years. they do think the trees will bounce back in just fine. a slope snowmelt could delay the blossoms. the blossoms should run through april 11. that is a side effect of the back-to-back blouses. >> it is not too far away. >> waiting for spring. 37 degrees. >> back home after three weeks hind bars. we will have the latest on the americans at the st. in haiti. >> tiger woods said he is ready to talk tomorrow.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. n our top stories, tiger woods will break is nearly three-month silence tomorrow when he speaks publicly. it will be his first public appearance since it was alleged he had several extra marital affairs. no word if his wife will attend. >> a big night in vancouver for the americans. lindsevonn won gold. she won in the women's downhill. shani davis won gold and shaun white picks up late snowboarding
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gold. >> president obama welcomes the dalai lama to the white house. his meeting has infuriated china. the president will then head for las vegas for some fund raisers. the mayor of las vegas has turned down an invitation to meet with president obama after what he calls the president's derogatory comments about the city. those eight missionaries from haiti have now landed back in the united states. they are not in the cleared just yet. linsey davis has the latest on the legal problems. >> after spending nearly a month behind bars, eight of the 10 missionaries are now back in the u.s. from the beginning, they have said they are on a humanitarian mission and have denied acquisitions of trafficking in children.
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>> i am trusting god to reveal all troops and that we will be exonerated of charges. >> the attorney representing them has his own problems. he has been indicted in an unrelated immigrant smuggling case. he is in fact a suspect but says he was wrongly accused. >> i do not know what to do. should i go over there and stand trial in a foreign jail? >> police in el salvador said he led a ring that lores girls into prostitution. he was recognized after he volunteered to help the missionaries. a lawyer for nine defendants say he took off with most of the money. two of the 10 commissioners will remain behind bars for further questioning. linsey davis, abc news. 6:16. it is warming up outside, 37
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degrees. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we are hoping for an easier commute today. >> i think it will be easier. more and more they are chipping away at the snow and moving it out of the roadway. to get into southeast d.c., it will be an easier commute on 295 because you do have that right lane. from branch avenue, there is a pedestrian struck. a portion of branch avenue now shut down at pennsylvania avenue. nothing on the george washington parkway. good on canal road. nothing across the chain bridge. newschopper 7 is live. all those headlights on northbound 95 to head to the occoquan river. we have to brian van de graaff. >> outside this morning, much milder. temperatures stayed up with those clouds. 36 downtown.
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33 in leesburg. we are above freezing. let's take a look at what the month of february has held for us. every day has been at or below normal temperature rise. we're running at 5.8 degrees below for the month. we have had 32 inches of snow. the way things look, it does ok like we stay in this colder than normal pattern. we will be breezy today. sunshine will be limited. we cannot rule out a flurry. it does look like a calmer pattern. the next system could bring us some wintry weather. breezy, cloudy giving way to sunshine. i think it will be cooler because we will not have as much cloud cover. looking into tomorrow and
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saturday, a pretty nice day. on sunday, a few flurries are possible. our next system arrives on monday. it will wrap up on tuesday. there could be accumulations. we will keep an eye on that. >> thank you. 8 major airline is one step closer to a strike. president obama is getting tougher on the big banks. >> we begin with negotiations to bring in the nation's biggest banks. there is close to an agreement on a key legislative agreements. it would create a council of regulators to identify risk. the council will be led by the treasury secretary and include the federal reserve chief. it has support on both sides of the aisle. a study released this morning is
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warning of a shortfall in public pension plans. states had promised $3.4 trillion in retirement benefits. still ahead $2.4 trillion to fund those obligations. that could force states to slash government services. there could be a formal investigation into the toyota corolla. there is concern about steering problems that could cause the car to wander back and forth across the rows. toyota is consiring recalling the world's most popular corporate hackers have launched a massive attack. it broke into computers at more than 2400 and companies over the last 18 months. affected companies include merck and paramount pictures. the extent of the damage is
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still being assessed. a federal agency will investigate kodak's complaints that the iphone is impinges on key patents. the u.s. international trade commission could decide to block imports of the fault is our rules in kodak's favor and the companies do not settle. and that is your "money scope" report. i am vinita nair. 6:21. 37egrees. >> our final stop on the search for the perfect slice of new york style pizza. >> later on "oprah," an emotional mother-daughter were yet 42 years in the making.
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welcome back. today is a day for final contestant in our new york style pizza a challenge. we have taking you inside local restaurants to find a slice that tastes as close to new york as
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possible. we go inside the italian star. >> if the taste half as good as it is tossed, we are in goodness. >> ok. >> the pizza looks the part. but how did it compare to a pipe we find on long island? >> this is the best flavor. >> she thought there was too much cheese. >> i am pretty impressed. >> a key element is the way the peace it is baked. no conveyor belt here. it has to go straight into a hot oven. the pie scored high marks for its whiteness to a new york pizza. if they had a found soda, it would be better. >> nothing really impossibly compared to new york pizza. this is as close as i think you would get. >> julie parker, abc 7 news.
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>> ok. pretty good review. we will reveal the winter ride here tomorrow on "good morning washington." 6:25. we still have another half-hour more security measures at the nation's airport. you may want to have your hands free the next time you travel. >> live in the weather center, we have a look at a forecast that this fairly tame for the rest of the week. plus your florida word of the day is coming up. stay with us.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back to "good morning washington. " just about 6:30 on this thursday morning. -- welcome back to "good morning washington." with the club snow to contend with. it makes things difficult out there. -- we still have snow to contend with. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm doug mckelway. we still do web school closings and a lot of delays.
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your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we will get some good cleanup time. >> we have a stretch of dry weather over the weekend. our next system moves in on monday. 35 and downtown. mostly cloudy skies of this morning. it will be cloudy into the 30's and 40's this afternoon. a flurry is possible as we move through the day. >> for the most part, we're moving in a better fashion. beltway travel, nothing major. newschopper 7 is on their way to look at possible stalled car by the quantico marine base. heading out of maryland, you
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cannot access the branch avenue metro station because of a pedestrian crash. branch avenue is closed. i will give you more details in our next report. go over to the miller rode metro station and save yourself some time. >> thank you. metro will have another fare hike. it goes into effect in one week. they are considering a second fare hike. >> some passengers say metro needs to supply better service. stephen tschida has a passenger reaction. >> the metro board will be gathering here surely to talk about the money problems. and also another possible fare hike to solve them. metro passengers are worried and some are frightened. >> it took me 20 minutes to get
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out of foggy bottom. >> metro is considering another fare hike on the heels of an emergency 10-cent increase. >> i would pay more to have better service. >> to in greece base fare to $1.55. during rush hour, it would jump to $1.90. metrobus fare would increase to $1.50. >> that is a lot, especially for a poor person. 20-cent hike is a lot. >> the emergency 10-cent increase will go into effect later this month and will run through june if approved. the next fare hike will take effect in july. >> thank you. for the second day, some prince willem county students need to find their own way to school. some bus routes are still
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blocked by ice and snow. pamela brown has more on this story. good morning. >> the root of the problem is all of this snow. we have a mountain of snow. neighborhood roads or in bad shape. they decided to move the bus stops to the outside of the neighborhood. that has created new problems. the sidewalks are dicey. kids are having a tough time getting to those alternate bus stops. some parents have not received the memo. there was a communcommunicationp yesterday. some bosses never came. >> my son went to the bus stop. -- some buses never came. >> they're using their website
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and e-mail to get the word out to around 150,000 parents. >> it is a challenge to reach everybody. >> they are still operating under limited bus service because there's still much snow and ice covering the road. >> the place is probably 6 inches deep. >> some parents had to navigate the slick roads themselves. they are partnering up and creating their own shuttle service. >> we were nervous about the buses trying to get to our neighborhood. >> school officials are asking parents to accompany their children to school. some sidewalks are covered with snow. the kids will have to walk in the street to get to the bus stops at the end of the subdivisions. some buses will have to be prodded. the could be significant delays.
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for a complete list of the bus stops, you can log on tour website, pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. prince george's county students returned to school. in laurel, a school bus, stock in the snow. students had to get off the bus and waited at a neighbor's house to keep warm. some children had to walk in the street with the cars for it because sidewalks were covered with snow. renee bowman is accused of killing two of her adopted daughters. yesterday proline surviving adopted child took the snd. she said that bowman repeatedly beat her and her sisters and show them. beaumont was sentenced to 25 years for abusing that child. there will be hands randomly
6:36 am
swapped to check for traces of explosives. this will be done it checkpoints at airport gates. the psa decided to check hands after the bombing on christmas day. there was an attack on more than 75,000 computer systems at nearly 2500 companies. they targeted corporate data and log in credentials. the intrusion because is said te out of eastern europe. several rest areas along id one are up and running again. the were closed last year because of budgetary problems. the board voted last want to reopen them. others are slated to open in april.
6:37 am
nearly 20,000 jobs have been created or saved in maryland because of the federal stimulus package. this announcement was made yesterday on the one-year anniversary of it. 6:37, 37 degrees. >> still ahead, president obama heads west to sell his stimulus success. we will sit down with mike allen 48 review. >> new details about someone beaten. new details come to light. >> we're giving away another florida friday word of the day. you're watching "good morning washingt
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>> hello. i am from volunteer alexander. you could go to to find out how you can volunteer. >> good morning, washington. 6:40. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> questar with adam caskey. he is live in bethesda -- let's start with adam caskey. he is live in bethesda. >> we have seen snowbanks that are more of iced banks. that is the case in many
6:41 am
locations. it is pretty tough snow. they are heavy. they do a little bit of damage. this fence is bending. it is a common theme i have noticed. you have to push the snow summer. sometimes is pushed up against the fences and sometimes the fences may bend. we did have some melting last night with clouds overhead. the cuds act as a blanket. we are above freezing. 35 in bethesda. elsewhere, 33 in leesburg. stephens city is that the freezing point. annapolis is at 35. a relatively mild start today. but this time tomorrow, we will be back down in the 20's. breezy today. a mix of sun and clouds. high temperatures in the low 40's. maybe mid 40's by the weekend.
6:42 am
that will be below average. the next weather maker will be monday into tuesday. >> we are rolling ok on 95 in virginia. newschopper 7 is at the quantico marine base. someone said there was a stalled car per it was gone on arrival. we are good in springfield. plenty of volume out of dale city to get up to the pentagon. in maryland, at the district line, a pedestrian was struck at branch avenue creek is closed between the suitland parkway and southern avenue. used saint barnabas road instead. we have more details. we are following breaking news from prince george's county that will affect your commute. a pedestrian has been struck and killed on branch avenue between suitland parkway and southern
6:43 am
avenue. branch avenue is closed in both directions. traffic cannot access the metro station. you have to turn around. we wanted such a about a big honor for thurgood marshall airport pert it has been ranked number 14 airports its size. but 140 different airports are rated. bwi tops the list for airports serving 25 million passengers. they were asked to rate pastor's based on more than 30 different categories including parking and retail facilities. and restrooms. very important. >> they have done a good time. i just wish it was 20 miles closer. >> exactly. we have at 37 degrees. >> your v
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[ sighs ] dreaming about the taste of chocolate?
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then hurry into dunkin' donuts today. and satisfy that chocolate craving with any small latte, like our new white chocolate latte, for only 99 cents. america runs on dunkin'. oprah winfrey is on a new crusade to save lives. details offer plans to keep our roads safer. my report tonight at 5:00 p.m. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. time now for a check of the top stories. >> new details of a recall of
6:47 am
deli meats. packages had salami there are concerns in may be contaminated with salmonella bacteria. >> the girl who was videotaped in beating has been charged in two earlier attacks. she was given a different sense after she pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree robbery for punching a security guard in the head. she's also charged in an assault and robbery of a woman. >> the conservative political action conference gets under way in d.c. among the speakers, a daughter of the cheney, mitt romney, mike huckabee, and john boehner. 6:47. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's get started with brian van de graaff per it is so nice to look ahead to a weekend with
6:48 am
no snow. >> it is. we will possibly see some flurries saturday and sunday. our next organized chance of whether it is not until monday. 37 downtown. that was our high for yesterday. we had cloud cover. you can see it here. let's get over to the maps and show you what looks like today. we have a continuation of the colder than average pattern for the month of february. we are running almost six degrees below normal. only two days have been above average. breezy with sunshine. low 40's. looking good tomorrow. temperatures in the 40's tomorrow. a system will swing through with some clouds on saturday and into sunday.
6:49 am
we're keeping air i as the system developing soms. partly sunny to stop. temperatures in the low 40's. you wind out of the west about 20 miles per hour. cooler than last night. last cloud cover per in will not be as mild to start off. plentyf sunshine with similar temperatures. low 40's tomorrow and saturday. maybe a flurry on saturday into sunday. our next system will be on monday. it could bring some precipitation. it could be a mixed. we will see how it comes together. it is thursday. it is time for your visit florida word of the day. today's word is seafood. doesn't like some seafood? log onto, type in the
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keyword and you could be our winner.
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coming up we have the first photo op of tucker was as he prepares to speak to the parole tomorrow. no questions from the press. -- first photo of a tiger was. loan modifications.
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a paper trail leads some to wait dead end. -- first photo op of tiger woods. grammy winner celine dion opens up about her story to have another baby. best cooking-just under $20. t white house is celebrating the success of the stimulus plan. >> they do a bit recovery has been a slow process but the recovery has saved millions of jobs. joining us now with a preview is mike allen. good morning. we're not talking about gambling or showgirls. we're talking about las vegas in a different way. he will not be getting the warmest welcome. course he is going in to help harry reid who is down in the polls. nevada it is suffering in jobs. there is such a big disconnect
6:54 am
with how people feel and what is going on. the administration will be out there saying we have saved or created 2 million jobs. people are not feeling it and it is not showing up. you go and there is a map you can roll over and see the imulus projects in your backyard. republicans have the simplest talking. and that is, where are the jobs? >> is this more of a risk for the president? we have the mayor of las vegas who has refused a meeting with the president. not a good sign. >> the white house feels the prident will benefit and will reconnect with people. it is like the number of times i've quit diet soda. this said they will have some out in the country. i think we will see the president traveling a little more. the big trip goes to australia
6:55 am
and new zealand. " the mayor of las vegas is upset about what to think or derogatory comments the president has made about las vegas. >> the president has been using las vegas as a synonym for gambling. talking about a response will use for the funds. the reason that touched a cord was cut earlier the president had been mistakenly talked down the idea of tourism, the idea of corporations doing conventions and that may look like a waste. but in las vegas, that is like dinner. >> how about the prospects for a second stimulus plan? >> the senate is working hard on it. harry reid has telephoned the new republican senator, scott brown, the one who cost him his 60-vote walk on the senate.
6:56 am
he thinks brown may help on the jobs bill. brown is barley saying, talk to me. i might work with you. he is from massachusetts. he will benefit from it. >> sure thing. ok. thank you so much. we have breaking news with lisa baden. >> a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle. they have to document this incident on the scene. branch avenue is closed between the naylor road metro station and the district line southern avenue. you can access the mets gestation but you cannot go any further if you're coming inbound. -- you can access the metro station. this is branch avenue closed between southern avenue and naylor road metro. >> we have some flurries today.
6:57 am
breezy and coal. >> thank you. breezy and coal. >> thank you.
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